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The 6 Types Of Eye Shapes And Best Lashes For Each

December 15, 2021
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Everyone wishes to have a beautiful face with a perfect smile, naturally flushed cheeks, attractive eyes, and hair. The first features that anyone would notice on your face are your smile and eyes. We all have beautiful eyes, but you always feel that they do not look as stunning as the eyes of actresses. Their eyes look so enchanting with a beautiful volume of eyelashes. How do they have such thick and perfect eyelashes? There is a little secret of those beautiful and thick eyelashes — eyelash extensions.

To enhance the look of your eyes and face with eyelash extensions, you need to get the perfect pair that will make the right transformation. To choose the right pair, the most important thing is to know the shape of your eyes. Based on the shape of your eyes, you will be able to get the best eyelash extensions.

With the right set of eyelashes, you can bring out the most stunning look ever. So, ladies, it is time to look into the mirror, and ask 'Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the shape of my eyes.' If you do not have a magic mirror handy, there is no need to worry. We are here to help you out.

What Are The Different Types Of Eye Shapes?

Eye Shapes

There are different types of eyes. You can follow this simple cheat sheet to understand the concept of eyelashes and eye shape. Based on the shape of your eyes, you have to choose the perfect lash style. You can get wispy lashes, dramatic lashes, lighter lashes, curly lash styles, and many more. There is a wide range of lash styles available to suit everyone. Ensure that the lash extensions that you get match your eye shape.

Here are some of the 6 common eye shapes and the perfect lash style for each of them. We have also mentioned some of the variants of the 6 eye shapes, as sometimes our eyes may have these features, and knowing these will help you choose the best lash extension for your eyes.

Round eyes

Are you still wondering whether your eye shape is round or not? If your eyes are large and have a circular appearance with huge prominence, then you have got perfect round eyes.

Those who have round or prominent eyes can see the white spaces covering up the cornea. Besides, the inner and outer edges of the eyes have a round shape. You will not see it being pulled up as inward or outward. With round eyes, there is always a challenge of looking like a wide-eyed kid or one who is perpetually surprised. Yet, our beauty experts believe that those blessed with round eyes always have genuine beauty. Their eyes are the windows to their souls.

Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond Shaped Eyes

Glance at your eyes and analyze whether you have almond-shaped eyes? What do the traits of your eye shape make you feel?

If you have almond-shaped eyes, then your eyelids are smaller and appear longer in width. The corners of your eyes have pointed edges. You will see a perfect oval shape being developed like an almond. The tapering is alongside the corners of the eye, which makes it look like a tear duct.

If you closely look at the eye shape, you will notice the corner of the eyes gets covered because of the eyelids. Both the eyelids will cover up the cornea to make it look like almond-shaped eyes. You can also observe a small crease beneath the eyes.

Epicanthic Folds Eye

Do you assume that you have a mono-lidded eye shape? If yes, then you should consider these points.

Monolid eyes are common among women of Asian ancestry. In monolid eyes, people tend to have a pointed shape and a less apparent crease. Many people call the monolid eye shape a shallow or smooth eyelid. The eyelids will not reveal the cornea perfectly. You can use suitable eyelash extensions to enhance the look of your eyes.

Close Set Eyes

When you look into the mirror, dos your eyes look close-set? When we are talking about this eye shape, we are referring to the location of the eyes on the face than the shape alone. If you have close-set eyes, then the space between the inner and outer corners of your eyes is small. Try to imagine if you can fit a third eye between your eyes. If you feel that there is no space for that, then you probably have close-set eyes.

Hooded Eye Shape

When you look at your eyes, do they appear to have a hooded shape? If you think you have hooded eyes, these features will be common.

For hooded eyes, you will have a heavy look on the brow bone. Besides the brow bone, you will have a deep-set crease under the eye. Just have a look at the hooded eyes when they are open. For this eye shape, the eyelids will not have proper visibility and retract into the crease.

Protruding Eye Shape

Protruding Eye Shape

How will you know whether you have protruding eyes or not? You have a protruding eye shape when the eyelids are smaller in appearance than the eyeballs. It may even look as if your eyes are slightly bulging from your face.

Deep Set Eyes

Do you think you have a deep-set eye shape? If yes, then you will find the following features similar to your eyes. If you can see that your eyes are falling under the brow bone, then you have a deep-set eye shape. The outer corner of the deep-set eyes is rounded with a tilt that imparts a dramatic look to the face.

Upturned and Downturned Eyes

You might be curious to know whether you have an upturned or downturned eye shape? You can check the points and tell the type of your eyes.

You may have downturned eyes if the edges of the eyes are lower compared to the inner eyes. You can see the eyelids drooping downwards. A common feature of this eye shape is that the upper lid takes a downward move to meet the lower lash line.

What if you have an upturned eye? How will you know? Consider the features given below:

Upturned eyes have a different shape than downturned eyes. The outer corner of the eyelids takes an upward turn and appears above the inner corner. In simple words, it is the opposite of the downturned eyes. The upward lift of the eyelids from the inner corner makes you look exotic look just like cat-eye.

Best Eyelash Extension For Different Eye Shapes

Eyelashes For Round Eyes Shape

Do you have beautiful round-shaped eyes? You can tell that you have around eyes when you have a crease under your eyes. Due to this, the eyes stand out and develop a round shape. Round eye shapes are very common and make your eyes look prominent. You can also get a wide range of suitable lash extension styles for such an eye shape. Round eyes have got the best curves that can enhance the beauty of your face.

However, the best eyelash extension you should use for round eye shape is multi-layered, long, and curl eyelashes. This will give a stunning glow and dazzling look to your face.

Many celebrities have round eyes — Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen, and Katy Perry.

Almond Shaped Eyes Lash Extension

Eyes Lash Extension

Almond-shaped eyes are considered the prettiest of all. If you have pointed shapes on both corners of your eye, and the center is wide, then your eyes are almond shape. So basically, your eyes have an oval shape, so you would need eyelash extensions that are thick.

A good volume eyelash will enhance the features of your eyes and make them appear fuller. The best aspect of having an almond-shaped eye is that all types of false eyelashes and styles suit it. The characteristic feature of the almond shape eye is that its iris is slightly covered from above and below.

Choose The Right Lash Extension For Eyes With Epicanthic Folds

Epicanthic Folds Eyes — this type of eye shape is commonly referred to as mono-lidded eye shape. It is one of the most sophisticated eye shapes, and therefore you need to be careful while choosing the eyelash extension for such eyes. The mono-lidded eye shapes do not have any crease on the above or under the eyes. You can use an eyelash extension that adds a perfect crease to the eye shape. Choose an eye extension that adds length as well as volume to the eyes. When the eyelash extensions add thickness to the outer corner of the monolid eyes, it imparts an appropriate definition to the eyes.

Lash Extension for Close Set Eyes

Close Set Eyes

Do you have close-set eyes? When the inside corners of your eyes are set close to one another, you have perfectly shaped close-set eyes. Without proper growth of the eyelashes, the eyes may appear smaller and unattractive. If you want to give a beautiful look to your close-set eyes, choose cat-eye extensions. Moreover, the eyelash extensions should have a fuller length and volume. You can also try false eye extensions such as 3D mink. This will give a perfect shape to the outer portions of your eyes.

The celebrities who have close-set eyes are Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hooded Eye Shape — Try Long Lash Styles

Have beautiful hooded eye shape? If yes, then you should choose long false eyelashes that give you a stunning length and adequate shape to enhance the outer edges of your eyes. With long lashes, you can add the right length, impart a deep effect, and add brightness to the eyes. The extensions will make your eyes look bigger and better. Hooded eyes usually have a thin layer of skin over the outer edge. You can find similar eye shapes on celebrities Priyanka Chopra Jonas or Blake Lively.

Protruding Eye Shape Eyelash Extension

Protruding Eyelash Extension

Do you remember the popular celebrity Olivia Palermo? If yes, then you can easily understand what is meant by a protruding eye shape. The protruding shape of the eyes is prominently visible when the eyes are deeply set in the cavity. The shallow or smooth eyelid of the protruding eye shape makes you look wonderful and attractive. But do you need something more to enhance the beauty of your eyes? yes, the right eyelash extension.

For protruding shapes, you should choose feather lash extensions. It will improve the dramatic effect of your eyes and make you appear outstanding. You can try different color lashes to add styling.

Choose the dark or medium effect color eyelashes to make yourself visually aesthetic.

Eyelash Extension for Deep Set Eye Shape

When you hear about deep-set eyes, the face that comes to your mind is Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian. Now you can make how beautiful eyes they have. If you want to enhance your deep-set eyes, you should use curly eyelash extensions.

It will add style and perfect structure to the lashes to make you look prettier. Your eyes will have a gorgeous appearance that can uplift the corners of your eyes. Usually, the deep-set eyes set to have an appearance that makes them fall behind the eyebrows. The eyelashes will help you to impart drama to your eyes. When the eyes are deep-set, you will need to give it a striking glow by using the right eyelashes.

Looking For Lashes for Upturned and Downturned Eyes? Get Catlike Eye Shape

Downturned Eyes

You can guess the eye shape when you read the word downturned and upturned eyes. For enhancing the look of the downturned eye shape, you need a cat-eye extension for both eyes. The downturned shape of the eyes means that the edges of the eyes are turned down. Whereas when you have upturned eyes, the edges have turned upwards.

A famous celebrity who has upturned eye shape and uses cat-eye extension lashes is Taylor Swift. You can look at her stunning pictures in magazines and make out different eye shapes and the extension they use.

How To Pick The Best Eyelashes Extension Based On Eye Shape?

Now know about different eyes shapes and lashes extension. But still, it would become difficult when you are about to pick the best eyelash extension for a specific eye shape. For finding the best and most suitable eyelashes, you need to understand the equation between the eyelash extensions and eye shape. If you are a professional artist, then it is essential that you have a wide range of eyelashes for all types of eye shapes.


So what do you think about the shape of your eyes? do you have close-set eyes, almond eyes, or rounded? The eyelashes you choose for your eye shape must enhance your appearance in a natural way. It should make you look out of place. Therefore, be very careful about the best faux lashes you use for lash style. You can reach out to the experts at Ilashas at to become an appointment. The expert lash technicians will help you understand the shape of your eye and get the perfect pair of faux lashes. The professional staff at Ilashas in Maricopa will help you get a visually aesthetic appearance and experience.

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