Complete Guide To Eyelash Extensions

The Complete Guide To Eyelash Extensions For 2022

Eyelash extensions are capturing more of the beauty market every minute and every second. Do you want your eyes to look attractive and stunning? We all have wished to have at some point in time those fuller eyelashes that make us look ten times younger and prettier. Due to this, the cosmetic industry is increasing at a fast rate. The important thing is that you may wear makeup on your eyes, such as liners, mascaras, or shadows, to enhance the look of your eyes. But even after so much, you might not be able to get a desired dramatic look.

So, the only solution is to go for mega volume lashes — eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions will be attached to the lower lash line and upper lash line as well. With these lashes, you can develop different looks like cat-eye or doll eyes, etc.

Due to the dramatic and stunning looks of the eyes, eyelash extensions are gaining huge popularity. You can check out the before and after images of the extensions treatment to know the difference. The eyes with lash extensions look bigger, brighter, and have a more feminine appearance. Just get those lash extensions and rock the world!

If you consult expert stylists, they would suggest you get complete knowledge on the eyelash extensions and then opt for the treatment. This complete guide will help you to know everything about eyelash extensions so that it becomes easy for you to make an informed decision.

Knowing What Is Meant By Eyelash Extensions?

What Is Meant By Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions refer to the semi-permanent fibers that are directly applied to your natural lashes to make them look fuller, brighter, and darker. These extensions aim to enhance the appearance of the eyes and overall face. They are applied one by one to your natural lashes to enhance their look. The lash technician places the eyelash extensions on the natural lash with the help of semi-permanent lash glue. The extensions are applied to one natural lash at a time, so it makes your natural lashes look voluminous, dark, and thick.

The eyelash extensions are made from synthetic as well as natural fibers such as faux mink, silk lashes, and mink lashes. These lash extensions do not impart any sort of artificial look. Rather it gives you a more natural look and enhances your natural beauty.

The treatment for the eyelash extensions is completely non-invasive and a safe cosmetic process that will do the magic to make you look younger and more beautiful. When you are using a different set of eyelash extensions, you can have unique looks. You will feel a boost in the confidence and get a complete makeover.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extensions?

Before you get an appointment for the lash extensions, it is essential to know about the advantages and disadvantages of it. So check it out now!

Pros Of Lash Extensions
  • It will help you look beautiful and young in a natural way.
  • It will enhance the appearance of natural lashes.
  • The lash extensions are easily customizable
  • The eyelash extensions have long-lasting features and are better than false lashes
  • You do not have to rely on eye makeup anymore.
Cons Of lash extensions
  • The cost of a lash extension application may seem a bit expensive, but it is totally worth the cost.
  • You need to take proper care of the extensions so that they last longer and are well-maintained.

What Are The Different Types of Lash Extensions?

Different Types of Lash Extensions

While you are ready to get the eyelash extension treatment, it is important to know about the types of eyelash extension types available in the market. The two most important eyelash extension types are natural eyelash extension and synthetic eyelash extension.

Natural eyelash extensions

Natural eyelash extensions

The material used in the natural extensions is completely natural such as mink fur.

Mink lash extensions

The material used in manufacturing the eyelash extension is the Siberian mink. Such eyelash extension is lightweight and very dark. It gives a natural look to the eyes and the face.

Fox fur lash extensions

These are lightweight and natural but extremely expensive. This eyelash extension would give a better look than the mink lashes.

Synthetic eyelash extensions

Synthetic eyelash extensions

Synthetic eyelash extensions refer to the eyelash extensions that are manufactured from synthetic fibers and acrylic material. This type of eyelash extension is good for all eye shape types. They have a glossy appearance so that you can add more drama to the eyes. You can easily style the synthetic eyelash extension and use it when you need volume lash.

Faux mink lash extensions

These are quite popular among celebrities and appear similar to mink lashes.

Silk lashes

You can choose silk lash extensions if you are looking for something lightweight and fancy. They are made from the fibers of silks and can be used for different face shapes.

What Do You Mean By Russian Volume, Mega Volume, and Hybrid lash extension?

In the market, you can different types of lash extensions, but the most popular ones are Russian lashes, mega volume, and hybrid lashes. Just by looking at the images, you will get to know that many celebrities are using different types of lashes to have a unique look. Usually, they belong to the lash family that offers high volume to the natural lashes and make them look beautiful. When you are getting these types of lash extensions, you won’t need to wear mascara.

Russian Volume Lash For The Eyelash Extensions

The Russian lashes are also known as the volume lashes or even as 3D or 5D lashes. You can come across various names of the lash extensions that usually mean the same. In this type of lashes, you will have at least 5 to 6 extensions attached to the natural lash. The eyelash extensions have good lengths and thus make the lashes look darker and thicker.

Mega Volume Lashes

This type of lashes usually has a similar appearance to that of Russian lashes. The only difference is that the lashes of this type are lightweight, and the length of the extension is bigger. You can use this lash extension for creating a dramatic effect. Such lash extensions look beautiful on the almond eyes.

Hybrid Lashes

As the name specifies, the hybrid lashes are a combination of Russian and mega lash extensions. They have a specific texture that gives you a stunning look and makes you stand out from the crowd. You can check out the look adorned by Kim Kardashian. It is due to the use of hybrid lash extensions.

How To Take Care Of Natural Lashes?

How To Take Care Of Natural Lashes

When you are planning to get the eyelash extensions treatment, consult the lash technician and know how to protect the natural lashes from getting an infection. The professionals will explain the before and aftercare in detail. Ensure that you are following the instructions as specified.

  • For at least 24 to 48 hours, you should not get your lashes wet. The water may strip lashes out from the glue. It may also cause harm to the natural lashes.
  • If you want the extensions to look like natural eyelash extensions, keep them untangled by regular brushing.
  • You should avoid swimming or having a hot bath after the application of the eyelash extensions.
  • If you want to clean the eyelash extension, use eye pads to protect the under-eye area.
  • Eyelash extension is delicate, so you must handle them with care, just like your own lashes.
  • Make use of the oil-free makeup remover to clean the makeup around the eyes.
  • If you are keen on using the mascara on the lash extensions, use a waterproof mascara wand.
  • Do not try to strip lash on your own. Always consult a lash artist for better services. It may cause harm to the upper and lower lashes.

How Much Do The Lash Extensions Cost?

The Lash Extensions Cost

The cost of the lash extensions is not very high, and you will easily manage it within your budget. But the overall cost of the lash extensions depends on many factors. It will include various things such as

  1. The type of salon you are choosing
  2. The experience level and expertise of the lash technician
  3. The type of eyelash extensions you want (whether you want long lashes or small)
  4. The type of curls.
  5. The number of extensions in you on your natural lashes.
  6. The eyelash extensions will also follow the natural growth cycle. They will naturally fall off after a certain time period.

Apart from these things, if you want a regular refill of the eyelash extension, then the cost would increase a bit. Choosing eyelash extension is a good decision as it will help you to maintain a natural look without any excessive makeup on the face.

Different Curl Types

Eyelash extensions have different types of curls and you can choose the one that suits your eye shape, eyelids, and face. The length of the curls starts from 6 mm and ranges to 18 mm. You can take the suggestion of the lash technicians to know what type of curls and length of the extension will suit your the best. There are various types of curls available for you including J, B, C, and D. With J curl you can get the most natural appearance.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Extensions On Natural Eyelashes?

The eyelash extensions are completely safe to use, and there are no proven side effects of them. But you need to ensure that you are reaching out to the best lash technician. Only professional lash artists have the right skills, training, experience, and knowledge to apply for the lash extensions in a perfect way.

Moreover, they will ensure they are using natural eyelash extensions to protect your natural lashes. Besides, they will use high-quality semi-permanent lash glue to attach the lashes.

Apart from this, you need to take care of the eyelash extensions to keep them protected and long-lasting. If you are not taking proper care or consulting the best lash artists, you may have to experience the following.

  1. swelling around the natural lashes
  2. skin irritation in the eyelid
  3. getting eyelid infection
  4. excessive rubbing may cause damage to your natural eyelashes

If you feel irritation of allergies after the application of the eyelashes, reach out to the professionals. They are trained to provide the right treatment to the client’s eyes if there are any issues.

What Is Lash Map In Eyelash Extension Treatment?

Lash Map

The lash map is basically a technique that is used while applying the lash extension to the natural eyelash. There are different types of lash map techniques such as cat-eye lash map, doll-eye lash map, and Kim. K lash map. The lash technicians have to create a perfect shape so that the single lash extension is applied in the right place.

You can choose whether you want to have a lash extension on the outer corners of the eyes or not. Besides, there are different types of curls and lengths of the lash extension to choose from. On the basis of your preferences, the lash map techniques will be considered.

Every client gets the flexibility to select the type of look they want for their eye shape. If you are having hooded eyes, opt for mink eyelash extensions as they have better curls, long length, and thickness. The lash mapping techniques help to impart the best experience, right curl, and long eyelashes to the client’s eyes.


Looking beautiful is something that we all want. But we all are searching for a solution that makes it easy and does not involve a lot of makeup. This ultimate guide on eyelash extensions will help you to know everything essential before you opt for the treatment. It is completely safe for natural eyelashes and gives you a perfect look.

You got to know about the techniques employed by the lash artist to bring out a perfect look along with the right eye shape. You can choose the best salon in Maricopa — Ilashas for getting the lash extensions. The professionals are all trained, highly skilled, and experienced to be lash technicians who provide you with the best eyelash extensions experience. So what are you waiting for? Get the new lashes now!





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